Me and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Update 10/5/11 - Steve is no longer with us. R.I.P. Our club is changed forever.

Steve found Bill's iPod in the trash once and it hurt his feelings, but when he picked it up he noticed that the date was set to April Fools.

When Bill's hammock broke, the only person to email him their condolences was Michael Jackson.

Bill Gates can jump really high.

Sometimes Bill calls Steve Jobs a 'Stevionaire' because of all the steve he has made in his lifetime.

Me and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have been around since the beginning.

If the two guys in Daft Punk took off their masks, you would see Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Fake Steven Gatez and Bil Jobs trying to hard to be what they're not while the original gang has been around since day one and we always stick together and hack really big mainframe systems and stay up late and eat pizza and tell stories about how Bill sometimes goes skateboarding with the president of whatever country he's in.

One time a M-soft employee called Steve and called him Steve 'Hand' Jobs and so Steve told Bill to tell the guy he was fired and the guy was really worried, but he didn't actually get fired.. it was just that Steve got the last laugh and he actually thought the joke was funny in the first place.

Steve's World yeah Steve's World V.I.P. including Bill and me and the prez.

Steve and me and Bill were skateboarding downtown and a car almost hit Bill when he was being really rad and so Steve flipped off the car while it was driving away and it exploded.

apple komputers
everyone loses